Cloak without Dagger

Cloak without Dagger

Joseph Sterling (1955)

U Certificate


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Had this British B-movie been possessed of a sense of humour, it might have invited comparison with those breezy spy romps churned out by Hollywood a decade earlier. However, director Joseph Sterling spurns the screwball possibilities in the relationship between agent Philip Friend and ditzy girlfriend Mary Mackenzie, who reunite several years after her meddling caused him to bungle a Second World War mission. Consequently, what emerges is an uncomfortable mix of romance and mystery, as Friend's pursuit of an undercover agent leads him to pose as a waiter at the fashion show on which Mackenzie is reporting.


1956. Thriller. Director: Joseph Sterling. Stars Philip Friend, Mary Mackenzie & Leslie Dwyer. During WW2, a Major misses out on the capture of a spy. Years later the truth is revealed.

Cast & Crew

Felix Gratton Philip Friend
Kyra Gabaine Mary Mackenzie
Fred Borcombe Leslie Dwyer
Colonel Packham Allan Cuthbertson
Peppi Gilroudian John G Heller
Yan Chu Yu Chin
Mario Bill Nagy
Captain Wallis Patrick Jordan
TBC Marianne Stone
TBC Frank Thornton
Director Joseph Sterling
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Balbair Prods LtdAvailable on: DVD