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Gideon's Day

  • Drama
  • 1958
  • John Ford
  • 99 mins
  • PG
    More info: UK: General viewing, but some scenes may be unsuitable for young children


Police inspector George Gideon experiences an eventful day's work. He learns one of his detectives has accepted bribes, goes on the trail of a murderous maniac and tracks a woman suspected of robbery. He also helps foil a bank heist and gets off on the wrong foot with an eager young constable. John Ford's drama, starring Jack Hawkins, Dianne Foster, Anna Lee and Anna Massey.



Rating: 4 out of 5.

This is a real original - a crime drama based on a novel by John Creasey (writing as JJ Marric) that was shot in England by western maestro John Ford, and which barely got noticed at the time. Though produced in colour as Gideon's Day, only black-and-white prints were shown in America, where the film was known as Gideon of Scotland Yard, though they were later restored. This cynical romp is extremely entertaining and contains a marvellous performance from Jack Hawkins as the Gideon of the title, who is followed by the camera on what must be the busiest day of his life. Hawkins was the only British actor to star for the three greatest American directors of their day: William Wyler in Ben-Hur, Howard Hawks in Land of the Pharaohs and Ford here.

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Theatrical distributor
Columbia Picture Corp. Ltd



Inspector George GideonJack Hawkins
Joanna DelafieldDianne Foster
Kate GideonAnna Lee
Sally GideonAnna Massey
PC Simon Farnaby-GreenAndrew Ray
Herbert "Birdy" SparrowCyril Cusack
MasonJames Hayter
Paul DelafieldRonald Howard
The ChiefHoward Marion-Crawford
Arthur SayerLaurence Naismith
Sergeant KirbyDerek Bond
Mrs KirbyGrizelda Hervey
Detective Sergeant LiggottFrank Lawton
Ponsford, The DukeJohn Loder
Mrs SaparelliMarjorie Rhodes
Dolly SaparelliHermione Bell
Sergeant GolightlyMichael Trubshawe
Reverend Julian SmallJack Watling
Reverend Mr CourtneyHenry Longhurst
Sir Rupert BellamyMichael Shepley
Inspector CameronNigel Fitzgerald
DawsonRobert Raglan
Ethel SparrowMaureen Potter
DriverBarry Keegan
Vicar's daughterDoreen Madden
FeeneyDonal Donnelly
SimmoDervis Ward
WalkerCharles Maunsell
JudgeMiles Malleson
FitzhubertFrancis Crowdy
Fitzhubert's assistantDavid Aylmer
Fitzhubert's assistantBrian Smith (1)
Lady BellamyJoan Ingram
Ronnie GideonMalcolm Ranson
Jane GideonMavis Ranson
Chancery Lane's PolicemanStuart Saunders
Inspector GillickJohn Warwick


DirectorJohn Ford

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