Wild in the Streets

Wild in the Streets

Barry Shear (1968)

X Certificate


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World-famous pop megastar with a mother complex Max Frost (Christopher Jones), starts a political campaign buoyed by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil protest songs. When several states lower the voting age, the door is open for the first teenager to win the presidency, and Frost helps the political process along by putting LSD in the Washington water supply. When this modish satire of teenage rebellion was released at the fag-end of the 1960s, it must have seemed a lot more cutting than it does now. However, the film is well-made and lively, and is often funny. Based on an Esquire feature whose title, The Day It All Happened, Baby, just about sums it up.


A juvenile delinquent grows up to become America's most popular rock star. A crooked senator enlists his aid to help win the youth vote, but his plans backfire when the singer runs for president, and announces his plans to reinvent American society to favour his own generation. Drama, with Christopher Jones and Shelley Winters.

Cast & Crew

Mrs Flatow Shelley Winters
Max Frost Christopher Jones
Sally LeRoy Diane Varsi
Senator Allbright Ed Begley
Mary Fergus Millie Perkins
John Fergus Hal Holbrook
Stanley X Richard Pryor
Walter Winchell Walter Winchell
Dick Clark Dick Clark
Director Barry Shear
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: A.I.P.Available on: video