Marcus Nispel (2004)

18 Certificate


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The classic mad scientist tale receives a contemporary re-invention in this atmospheric but painfully underdeveloped TV movie. Intended as a pilot for a subsequently unmade series, it stars Parker Posey and Adam Goldberg as modern-day New Orleans detectives who unwittingly stumble upon the work of the still-living Dr Frankenstein (a coldly sophisticated Thomas Kretschmann) while hunting a serial killer. Director Marcus Nispel rips off Se7en at every turn: applying the same corroded, industrial look of his Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake to what's essentially a slow-moving police procedural with bursts of gothic weirdness. Yet though the ultra-stylised visuals create an air of brooding menace, they can't compensate for the patchy plotting or the abrupt and hugely unsatisfying finale.


A detective investigates a series of brutal murders in which the victims have their internal organs removed. She ultimately discovers the shocking truth - the infamous scientist Dr Frankenstein and his creature are all too real and still alive after more than 200 years. Horror, starring Parker Posey, Vincent Perez and Thomas Kretschmann.

Cast & Crew

Det Carson O'Conner Parker Posey
Det Michael Sloane Adam Goldberg
Deucalion Vincent Perez
Victor Helios / Frankenstein Thomas Kretschmann
Det Harker Michael Madsen
Erika Ivana Milicevic
Director Marcus Nispel
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Violence and sex scenesAvailable on: DVD