Born to Raise Hell

Born to Raise Hell

Lauro Chartrand (2010)

18 Certificate


Our Score
A mumbling Steven Seagal is out for vengeance once again in this self-penned ego trip that feels more like an episode of a TV show than a fully formed feature. Practically sleepwalking his way through the clichés, Seagal stars as an Interpol agent in Romania who's driven into an unorthodox alliance to catch the psychotic gangster responsible for murdering his new partner. Dull gunplay, unconvincing fisticuffs and the usual gratuitous female nudity provide flimsy filler, as the stereotypical characters kill time in preparation for the rushed but relatively gruesome climactic showdown. Clumsy and pointlessly gimmicky visuals compound the overall tedium, and betray seasoned stuntman Lauro Chartrand's debut director status. Ultimately, only supporting actor Dan Badarau demonstrates any skill, bringing surprising weight to his unimaginatively written role as a Russian crime lord.


An Interpol agent investigating a gang of Russian gun smugglers gets caught up in a shoot-out that leaves his partner dead. Swearing vengeance, he goes on the rampage through the Eastern European underworld to track down the gang members and carry out his own brand of justice. Action thriller, starring Steven Seagal and Dan Badarau.

Cast & Crew

Bobby Steven Seagal
Costel Darren Shahlavi
Dada Zoltan Butuc
Steve D Neil Mark
Dimitri Dan Badarau
Sorin Claudiu Bleont
Nina Cosmina Pasarin
Ronnie George Remes
Tami Madalina Mariescu
Director Lauro Chartrand
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: DVD and Blu-ray