Battlefield Earth

Battlefield Earth

Roger Christian (2000)

12 Certificate


Our Score
This expensive adaptation of Scientologist L Ron Hubbard's novel, set in the year 3000 with Earth controlled by ten-foot-tall aliens from the planet Psychlo, is very much a labour of love for its producer and dreadlocked star, John Travolta. With futuristic designs reminiscent of Blade Runner and Independence Day-style space battles, Roger Christian's epic looks and sounds like your average sci-fi blockbuster. Yet the emphasis placed on indoctrination, enslavement and superior alien intelligence brings the film troublingly close to subliminal propaganda, while the script is so banal you'd have to be brainwashed to enjoy it.


In the year 3000, a rebellious human takes a stand against the aliens who have pillaged the Earth and enslaved its inhabitants. Sci-fi adventure based on the novel by L Ron Hubbard, starring John Travolta, Barry Pepper, Forest Whitaker and Kim Coates.

Cast & Crew

Terl John Travolta
Jonnie Goodboy Tyler Barry Pepper
Ker Forest Whitaker
Carlo Kim Coates
Robert the Fox Richard Tyson
Chrissie Sabine Karsenti
Parson Staffer Michael Byrne
Heywood Sean Hewitt
Chirk Kelly Preston
Director Roger Christian
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Warner BrosGuidance: May be edited for language and violence.Available on: video and DVDReleased on: 2 Jun 2000