Chu Chin Chow

Chu Chin Chow

Walter Forde (1934)

U Certificate


Our Score
This legendary and massively popular British stage musical by Oscar Asche, replete with its unimaginative Frederick Norton score, finally reached the screen with all its faults revealed, rather like Kismet over 20 years later, the phoney (but allowable) exoticism of the theatre proving a rather silly spectacle on film. Nevertheless, George Robey's performance as Ali Baba is forever enshrined here, and there's some interesting period casting, with Anna May Wong as Zahrat the slave girl and villain Fritz Kortner as boss of the 40 thieves. The uninspired choreography is by ballet great Anton Dolin. This was part of a fashionable fixation during the 1930s with all things Chinese, and mysterious, invariably sinister and inscrutable characters seemed to populate British cinema at the time. The title of this work is misleading, for those who care.

Cast & Crew

Ali Baba George Robey
Abu Hassan Fritz Kortner
Zahrat Anna May Wong
Nur-al-din John Garrick
Marjanah Pearl Argyle
Rakham Dennis Hoey
Mahbubah Sydney Fairbrother
Kasim Baba Lawrence Hanray
Mustafa Frank Cochrane
Alcolom Thelma Tuson
Entertainer Kyoshi Takase
Caliph Francis L Sullivan
Abdullah Jetsam
Director Walter Forde
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Gaumont British Dist