Barbara Taylor Bradford's Everything to Gain

Barbara Taylor Bradford's Everything to Gain

Michael Miller (1996)

12 Certificate


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Sean Young (No Way Out, Blade Runner) stars as a woman who tries to rebuild her life after her loving husband and two children are murdered in a random act of violence. Alone and depressed, she joins forces with a gritty detective (Jack Scalia) to find the thugs responsible for the senseless crime. Unless you're a rabid fan of Barbara Taylor Bradford, you have nothing to gain from this preposterous story. How on earth did those talented actresses Joanna Miles and Samantha Eggar get mixed up in this drivel?


A woman sinks into a deep depression following the murder of her husband and two children, but the love of a mysterious man brings hope into the grieving widow's life. Drama, starring Sean Young, Jack Scalia and Anne Ramsey.

Cast & Crew

Mallory Ashton Jordan Keswick Sean Young
Det Michael DeMarco Jack Scalia
Sarah Kempner Anne Ramsay
Jessica Jordan Joanna Miles
Diana Keswick Samantha Eggar
Andrew Keswick Charles Shaughnessy
Director Michael Miller
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD