The Great Raid

The Great Raid

John Dahl (2005)

15 Certificate


Our Score
An astonishing true story is weakly told in director John Dahl's heartfelt but underwhelming account of one of the Second World War's single largest rescue missions. Opening with genuine newsreel footage and a confusing chunk of narrated exposition, the talky drama uses a three-stranded plotline to re-create the US Army's audacious attempt to save hundreds of PoWs from a Japanese camp in the Philippines in 1945. While Benjamin Bratt's lieutenant colonel and captain James Franco give focus to the mainly lacklustre military operation, the camp-based malaria-afflicted major Joseph Fiennes emotes to little effect, making atmosphere and tension dependent on the soundtrack. However, it's the actions of the underground resistance that feel least authentic, as if they've been added simply for padding. The overall result is handsomely shot, but doesn't have the impact such important events deserve.


American soldiers embark on a daring rescue mission in the Philippines. Lt Col Henry Mucci is determined to free the 500 American troops being held in a notorious Japanese PoW camp, but their target lies 30 miles behind enemy lines. Second World War drama, starring Benjamin Bratt, James Franco and Joseph Fiennes.

Cast & Crew

Lt Col Mucci Benjamin Bratt
Capt Prince James Franco
Capt Fisher Robert Mammone
Major Gibson Joseph Fiennes
Capt Redding Marton Csokas
Margaret Utinsky Connie Nielsen
Cpl Aliteri James Carpinello
Cpl Guttierez Mark Consuelos
Director John Dahl
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Other Information

Language: English / Tagalog / JapaneseColourGuidance: Contains violence and some swearing.Available on: DVD