Louis King (1950)

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You can't really blame Joel McCrea and Shelley Winters for not being James Stewart and Marlene Dietrich, but the leads in this tame reworking of Destry Rides Again simply can't match the star wattage generated by their counterparts in the classic 1939 western. Winters is typically brassy as the boss of a New Orleans gambling den who heads west to find her father's killers. But while he embodies decency, McCrea has none of the vulnerability that made Stewart's everyman so appealing. Director Louis King stages a passable cat fight, but not even dependable supports like Marie Windsor and Elsa Lanchester can elevate proceedings.


A woman sets up a gambling establishment in a Wild West town, but has a secret objective - she believes the men who killed her father are in the vicinity, and is plotting revenge. With the aid of a sympathetic lawman, she identifies one of the culprits and arranges a grisly demise - but things don't go as planned. Western, starring Shelley Winters, Joel McCrea, Elsa Lanchester and Paul Kelly.

Cast & Crew

Frenchie Fontaine Shelley Winters
Tom Banning Joel McCrea
Countess Elsa Lanchester
Pete Lambert Paul Kelly
Diane Marie Windsor
Lance Cole John Russell
Clyde Gorman John Emery
Jeff Harding George Cleveland
Director Louis King
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Language: EnglishColour