Black God, White Devil

Black God, White Devil

Glauber Rocha (1964)

12 Certificate


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Glauber Rocha was one of the driving forces behind Brazilian cinema nôvo. Set in the 1940s and exhibiting both indigenous cultural and international filmic influences, this sertao western epitomises the movement's initial preoccupation with the politicisation of the peasantry. Alternately presented in long takes and montage sequences, the action follows Geraldo d'el Rey as he veers between bandit Othon Bastos and his sworn enemy Maurício de Valle. In so doing, Rocha illustrates how difficult it was for uneducated farmhands to know where to place allegiance in the struggle against the oppression of the pitiless landowners. De Valle would return in the sequel, Antonio das Mortes (1969).


A ranch hand in 1940s Brazil kills the employer who is trying to cheat him out of his wages. He is forced to become an outlaw and joins the gang of a ruthless fanatical bandit, eventually getting drawn into an infamous massacre. Crime drama, starring Geraldo Del Rey and Yona Magalhaes. In Portuguese.

Cast & Crew

Manuel Geraldo Del Rey
Rosa Yona Magalhaes
Sebastian Othon Bastos
Antonio Das Mortes Maurício de Valle
Corisco Lidio Silva
Dada Sonia dos Humildes
Director Glauber Rocha
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Other Information

Language: Portuguese +subtitlesBlack and whiteAvailable on: DVD