Deadly Skies

Deadly Skies

Sam Irvin (2005)

PG Certificate
Tue 9 Mar 4pm - 5:50pm Horror Channel
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An astronomer becomes convinced Earth is facing a devastating collision with an incoming asteroid, but struggles to convince anyone else of the danger. Taking matters into her own hands, she breaks into an air force base so she can use an abandoned secret weapon to destroy the asteroid before it is too late. Sci-fi thriller, starring Rae Dawn Chong and Antonio Sabato Jr.

Cast & Crew

Madison Rae Dawn Chong
Donovan Antonio Sabato Jr
Dutton Michael Moriarty
Hockstetter Dominic Zamprogna
Mark Michael Boisvert
Covington Rob LaBelle
Stevens Doron Bell
Cpl Carmichael Kirby Morrow
Director Sam Irvin
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour