Stephen King's Sleepwalkers

Stephen King's Sleepwalkers

Mick Garris (1992)

18 Certificate


Our Score
Hailed as the first Stephen King story expressly written for the screen, this minor horror entry revolves around the gory small-town exploits of shape-shifting, incestuous, psychic vampires with feline, reptilian and human traits. Director Mick Garris tries to inject life into the pathetic script by gyrating the camera, adding some neat computer-generated transformations and flashily accenting what little action there is, but this underdeveloped material is so poor he's constantly fighting a losing battle. Apart from playing spot-the-cameo - King, Clive Barker, John Landis, Joe Dante, Tobe Hooper and other horror luminaries pointlessly appear - there's little to engage the attention in an idiotic potboiler off the creaky King conveyor belt. From the daft prologue set in Bodega Bay where Hitchcock filmed The Birds to the soggy moggy climax, this is absurdly unscary and confusingly dull.


Mother-and-son shapeshifters feast on teenage virgins who provide them with their life force - but meet their match in a potential victim. Horror adapted from a Stephen King story, starring Madchen Amick, Brian Krause and Alice Krige.

Cast & Crew

Tanya Robertson Madchen Amick
Charles Brady Brian Krause
Mary Brady Alice Krige
Sheriff Ira Jim Haynie
Lab Assistant Joe Dante
Lab technician John Landis
Forensic technician Tobe Hooper
Forensic technician Clive Barker
Director Mick Garris
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Columbia PicturesGuidance: Contains violence, swearing and sex scenes.Available on: video and DVD