Another Shore

Another Shore

Charles Crichton (1948)

U Certificate


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Based on the novel by Kenneth Reddin, this is one of the least distinguished films produced by Ealing during its golden age. Part of the problem lies in the unbearable whimsy of the plot, in which customs official Robert Beatty's dreams of living on a South Sea island are brought within touching distance by rich dipsomaniac Stanley Holloway. However, the real problem is the failure of Charles Crichton and his design team to re-create the atmosphere of postwar Dublin. Georges Auric's sloppy score doesn't help much either.


A Dublin man who dreams of starting a new life in Tahiti spends his days hanging around a dangerous street corner, in the hope of being able to save a wealthy man from a traffic accident and being rewarded for his heroism. As things start to finally work out for him, he remains oblivious to a woman who is in love with him. Comedy drama based on Kenneth Reddin's novel, starring Robert Beatty and Moira Lister.

Cast & Crew

Gulliver Shields Robert Beatty
Jennifer Moira Lister
Alastair McNeil Stanley Holloway
Yellow Bingham Michael Medwin
Nora Sheila Manahan
Coghlan Fred O'Donovan
Mrs Gleeson Maureen Delaney
Arthur Moore Wilfrid Brambell
Director Charles Crichton
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: DVD
Drama Comedy