The Naked City

The Naked City

Jules Dassin (1948)

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Thanks to its innovative documentary style and character-driven treatment, this otherwise conventional cop drama (murdered blonde in bathtub, homicide squad gets moving) was hugely influential. The movie is hard-hitting, gripping and a hymn to the excitement of New York City where it was shot entirely on location. Narrated by its producer (and former crime reporter) Mark Hellinger, whose last production it was before his early death, it stars an effective Barry Fitzgerald as the police lieutenant heading the murder investigation. There were Oscars for cinematography and editing, and the voiceover proclaiming "eight million stories in the naked city" passed into popular culture thanks to the long-running TV series inspired by the movie. The film confirmed the reputation of director Jules Dassin, but he was soon forced into European exile by the McCarthy communist witchhunt.


Documentary-style drama loosely based on actual events, following two New York detectives as they trawl through the city's underworld in pursuit of a woman's killer. As the case unfolds, the police discover a link between the murder and a spate of recent burglaries - and soon stumble on another body. Directed by Jules Dassin and starring Barry Fitzgerald, Don Taylor, Howard Duff and Dorothy Hart.

Cast & Crew

Lt Dan Muldoon Barry Fitzgerald
Frank Niles Howard Duff
Ruth Morrison Dorothy Hart
Jimmy Halloran Don Taylor
Garzah Ted De Corsia
Dr Stoneman House Jameson
Mrs Halloran Anne Sargent
Mrs Batory Adelaide Klein
Narrator Mark Hellinger
Director Jules Dassin
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: General Film Dist LtdAvailable on: DVD and Blu-ray