The House of Tomorrow

The House of Tomorrow

Peter Livolsi (2017)

15 Certificate


Our Score
A naive, sheltered young man (Asa Butterfield) is lured into the world of punk rock when he meets a rebellious heart-transplant patient (Alex Wolff). Stories of sheltered teenagers breaking into the outside world are ten a penny, but there's a charming quality to this story that prevents it from being quite so tired. Viewing the world through the eyes of these young misfits is an entertaining experience, thanks largely to the actors playing them. With his overly formal way of speaking and permanently amazed expression, Butterfield makes you believe a person can live 16 years in a bubble. He's matched by Wolff, as a foul-mouthed rebel who uses bluster to hide his fears. The story offers a teenage perspective on grief and family turmoil which, while predictable, never gets too soppy. A familiar story handled with care, The House of Tomorrow is more than the sum of its familiar parts thanks to strong performances and assured direction.


A teenager is introduced to the world of punk when he befriends a young, green-haired rocker with a heart condition. Director Peter Livolsi's coming-of-age comedy, starring Asa Butterfield, Alex Wolff and Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation).

Cast & Crew

Sebastian Prendergast Asa Butterfield
Jared Whitcomb Alex Wolff
Alan Whitcomb Nick Offerman
Josephine Prendergast Ellen Burstyn
Meredith Whitcomb Maude Apatow
Mrs Whitcomb Michaela Watkins
Tour video narrator Fred Armisen
Director Peter Livolsi
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: DVD