The Last Posse

The Last Posse

Alfred L Werker (1953)

U Certificate


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This unusual western is more concerned with mystery and suspense, with the pieces of the sombre story told in flashbacks. What really happened to the posse that went after three men accused of theft and came back with a mortally wounded sheriff? Broderick Crawford is the lawman, and Charles Bickford co-stars as a ruthless rancher; John Derek is the latter's adopted son, while Wandra Hendrix plays his girl. Though ably directed by Alfred Werker, the film's structure becomes a little tiresome; a straightforward account might have worked better.


A posse sent to bring the criminals who robbed a wealthy cattle baron to justice returns home empty-handed, with the sheriff leading the party badly wounded. A salesman curious about the story learns how during the pursuit, greed got the better of many of the group, who sought to keep the stolen money for themselves. Western, starring Broderick Crawford and John Derek.

Cast & Crew

Sheriff John Frazier Broderick Crawford
Jed Clayton John Derek
Sampson Drune Charles Bickford
Deborah Wanda Hendrix
Robert Emerson Warner Anderson
Ollie Stokely Henry Hull
Todd Mitchell Will Wright
Frank White Tom Powers
Director Alfred L Werker
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Columbia Picture Corp. Ltd