John Lemont (1960)

PG Certificate


Our Score
Michael Gough as a botanist inventing a growth serum, a ratty zip-up gorilla suit, Margo Johns as a comely housekeeper, a miniature cardboard Big Ben and pop star Jess Conrad! What more could you want in a cheap and cheerful British King Kong imitation originally titled I Was a Teenage Gorilla? With its crude horror always verging on the farcical, the entertainment value in this hilarious monkey business stems from the sheer incompetence on full view. Enjoyably terrible and filmed on location in Croydon High Street.


A deranged scientist invents a serum that causes plants and animals to grow dramatically. He uses it to make a chimpanzee the size of a gorilla, then hypnotises it to murder his enemies. However, he is unable to control the ape, while ultimately attains gigantic proportions. Horror, with Michael Gough, Margo Johns and Jess Conrad.

Cast & Crew

Dr Charles Decker Michael Gough
Margaret Margo Johns
Bob Kenton Jess Conrad
Sandra Banks Claire Gordon
Dean Foster Austin Trevor
Supt Brown Jack Watson
Prof Tagore George Pastell
Insp Lawson Stanley Morgan
Director John Lemont
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Columbia Picture Corp. LtdAvailable on: video and DVD