Jeanie Finlay (2019)

15 Certificate


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Following Jason Barker's A Deal with the Universe, Jeanie Finlay's poignant documentary chronicles the efforts of trans man Freddy McConnell to become a father by conceiving and carrying his own child. Considerable time is devoted to the processes of becoming pregnant and delivering a baby, yet this is primarily a film about relationships. Initially, McConnell - who is a multimedia journalist at The Guardian - was planning to parent with CJ, a non-binary Trinidadian Tube driver. However, they decide to part company and McConnell finds himself becoming increasingly reliant for psychological support on his mother, Esme, who lives in the Kent coastal town of Deal. McConnell is unflinchingly honest during the course of his pregnancy, discussing the impact that his biology is having on his identity and, at one particularly low moment, claiming to feel like an alien. Naturally, the focus remains on him, although it's also intriguing to note the difficulty that friends and family have in dealing with their own reactions while striving to say the right thing.


Documentary about a gay transgender man's efforts to have a baby, following his story over the course of three years from the initial struggle to conceive to the eventual birth, and examining the challenges and prejudices he has faced, forcing him to rely on the support of friends and family in the face of mounting hostility.

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Freddy McConnell Freddy McConnell
Director Jeanie Finlay

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Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Swearing.Released on: 30 Aug 2019