Out for Justice

Out for Justice

John Flynn (1991)

18 Certificate


Our Score
Steven Seagal gets more dialogue than in all his other movies put together in this lukewarm attempt to give him a lot more heart and soul. He plays a Brooklyn cop with the comedic name of Gino Felino, who comes up against old neighbourhood foe William Forsythe, resulting in much retaliatory violence. Frankly, Seagal is no actor and his career has been founded upon his ability to look cool in combat situations, rather than convey the sort of softly spoken sadness he's aiming for here. There are plenty of adequate action scenes, but stabs at characterisation are a big mistake under the circumstances.


A tough Brooklyn cop learns that his partner and best friend has been murdered in front of his family by a vicious drug dealer, the pair's lifelong enemy and the scourge of the neighbourhood. The detective heads into the underworld on a one-man vengeance mission, but finds the killer's criminal bosses are also hunting for him. Action thriller, with Steven Seagal, William Forsythe and Jerry Orbach.

Cast & Crew

Gino Felino Steven Seagal
Richie Madano William Forsythe
Det Ronnie Donziger Jerry Orbach
Vicky Felino Jo Champa
Frankie Sal Richards
Patti Madano Gina Gershon
Bobby Arms Jay Acovone
King John Toles-Bey
Director John Flynn
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Violence, swearing, drug abuse and nudity. Available on: video and DVD