This Other Eden

This Other Eden

Muriel Box (1959)

U Certificate


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A curious film for Leslie Phillips to find himself in, this is an overwrought tale about the emotions that erupt when the statue of a long-dead IRA hero is blown up in the square of a sleepy Irish village. Phillips is fine as the son of the Black and Tan who shot the gunman, and who is blamed for the explosion. He is adequately supported by Audrey Dalton as his lover and Norman Rodway as the terrorist's seminarian son, but the film lacks the power of such Hollywood lynch dramas as Fritz Lang's Fury or William A Wellman's The Ox-Bow Incident.

Cast & Crew

Maire McRoarty Audrey Dalton
Crispin Brown Leslie Phillips
Devereaux Niall MacGinnis
McRoarty Geoffrey Golden
Conor Heaphy Norman Rodway
Pat Tweedy Milo O'Shea
Clannery Harry Brogan
Sergeant Grilly Eddie Golden
Director Muriel Box
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Regal Films International