Wagons East!

Wagons East!

Peter Markle (1994)

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Our Score
It's always a shame when a star dies young, but it seems doubly unfair that someone as likeable and talented as John Candy should have bowed out part-way through the production of this stinker. The idea of having a bunch of lily-livered pioneers quit the Wild West and head home is essentially a good one. Yet director Peter Markle buries it in a quagmire of comic incompetence and dismal slapstick, though to be fair he can't have been helped by the loss of his lead. Second-billed John C McGinley is shamefully wasted as the spotlight falls continuously on the painfully unfunny Richard Lewis. This forgettable comedy western is quite dreadful.


A drunk wagonmaster, James Harlow, is employed by the unhappy inhabitants of a town called Prosperity to lead them back to their homes in the East. When the group discover that Harlow was a member of the infamous Donner family the railroad company gets worried and try to turn the party back West - it's bad publicity for Westerners to return East and let it be known that it is not Paradise.

Cast & Crew

James Harlow John Candy
Phil Taylor Richard Lewis
Julian John C McGinley
Belle Ellen Greene
Ben Wheeler Robert Picardo
John Slade Ed Lauter
Zeke William Sanderson
Little Feather Rodney A Grant
Director Peter Markle
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Contains some swearing. Available on: video and DVD