The Night that Panicked America

The Night that Panicked America

Joseph Sargent (1975)



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On October 30 1938, Orson Welles and his company broadcast a version of HG Wells's The War Of The Worlds on the radio - and millions took it seriously as a warning of alien invasion. Director Joseph Sargent's made-for-TV docudrama shows how some people fled to the hills, while others prayed in the streets; it was as near to a state of emergency as America has ever seen. Paul Shenar (as Welles), Vic Morrow and Eileen Brennan poignantly fictionalise some of the real-life stories that unfolded on that fateful night.

Cast & Crew

Orson Welles Paul Shenar
Hank Muldoon Vic Morrow
Stefan Grubowski Cliff De Young
Jess Wingate Michael Constantine
Paul Stewart Walter McGinn
Ann Muldoon Eileen Brennan
Linda Davis Meredith Baxter
Norman Smith Tom Bosley
Reverend Davis Will Geer
Walter Wingate John Ritter
Director Joseph Sargent
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Language: EnglishColour