Speed 2: Cruise Control

Speed 2: Cruise Control

Jan De Bont (1997)

PG Certificate


Our Score
Director Jan De Bont's listlessly routine sequel to his own powerhouse original is a massive disappointment. Sandra Bullock reprises her role as Annie Porter who, with cop boyfriend Jason Patric, boards a luxury cruise liner for a holiday. Before you can say "Where's Keanu Reeves?", disgruntled computer genius Willem Dafoe puts his extortion plan into operation and turns their voyage into a titanic nightmare. Bloated set pieces and predictable suspense scupper De Bont's waterlogged effort to re-create at sea what worked so brilliantly on land. Familiarity quickly breeds contempt, with Bullock rather obviously just along for the ride.


Feisty heroine Annie and her new boyfriend Alex take a cruise in the Bahamas, but the trip becomes a nightmare when they discover a vengeful computer genius - a former employee laid off because of his terminal illness - is also on board. He has secretly programmed the ship to crash into an oil tanker while he steals a cache of diamonds from the cargo. Action thriller sequel, with Sandra Bullock, Jason Patric and Willem Dafoe.

Cast & Crew

Annie Sandra Bullock
Alex Jason Patric
Geiger Willem Dafoe
Juliano Temuera Morrison
Merced Brian McCardie
Drew Christine Firkins
Harvey Michael G Hagerty
Debbie Colleen Camp
Celeste Lois Chiles
Director Jan De Bont
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Violence, swearing.Available on: video, DVD and Blu-ray