A Bear Named Winnie

A Bear Named Winnie

John Kent Harrison (2004)

PG Certificate


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This touching fact-based drama almost manages to carry off its combination of First World War setting and sentimental tale, but is unsure of its target audience. Michael Fassbender plays a Canadian soldier who "adopts" a bear cub, names it Winnie, after his home town of Winnipeg, and brings it with him to England as the unofficial brigade mascot. David Suchet and Stephen Fry are among a low-key but attractive cast whose star is forced to sit out the war at London Zoo and helps an author (AA Milne) create one of children's fiction's great characters.


A Canadian soldier travelling to fight in the First World War finds an orphaned bear cub in Ontario. After adopting the young animal, he ultimately donates it to London Zoo, where it provides the inspiration for AA Milne's Winnie the Pooh stories. Fact-based drama, with Michael Fassbender, Gil Bellows and David Suchet.

Cast & Crew

Lt Harry Colebourn Michael Fassbender
Col John Barret Gil Bellows
General Hallholland David Suchet
Protheroe, the zookeeper Stephen Fry
Director John Kent Harrison

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Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: DVD