Alan Rudolph (1980)

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The biggest novelty in this movie is the inspired casting of pop melodramatist Meat Loaf as a wide-eyed innocent lost in the corruptible world of rock 'n' roll. Proving in films like "Fight Club" what an affecting actor he can be, Meat Loaf brings an engaging credibility to the role of a Texas mechanic-turned-roadie, who strikes up an unlikely friendship with a groupie who's been saving herself for Alice Cooper. But Robert Altman protégé, Alan Rudolph punctuates this straightforward tale with tiresome bar room brawls and noisy knockabout comic moments made bearable only by the occasional celebrity cameo from the likes of Blondie, Roy Orbison and, years before his joke appearance in Wayne's World, Alice Cooper.


A naive Texan mechanic falls in love with a rock groupie, but she only has eyes for one man - Alice Cooper. As she pursues the rock legend across the state, he gets a job as a roadie to be near her, soon gaining a reputation for his skills at keeping a tour on track. Comedy, starring Meat Loaf, Kaki Hunter and Art Carney, and featuring Roy Orbison and Deborah Harry.

Cast & Crew

Travis W Redfish Meat Loaf
Lola Bouilliabase Kaki Hunter
Corpus C Redfish Art Carney
B B Muldoon Gailard Sartain
Mohammed Johnson Don Cornelius
Alice Poo Rhonda Bates
George Richard Marion
Bird Sonny Carl Davis
Ace Joe Spano
Director Alan Rudolph
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: United Artists Corp. LtdAvailable on: DVD