Pokémon 3: Spell of the Unown

Pokémon 3: Spell of the Unown

Michael Haigney (2001)

U Certificate


Our Score
Pokémon may be a flagging playground phenomenon, but the Japanese keep churning the films out, and the Americans keep dubbing and redistributing them. This is the big-screen formula as before with a 15-minute short, Pikachu and Pichu - in which old mellow yellow gets lost in the big city - preceding the 70-minute main feature, which has Ash and pals confronting Pokémon from the spirit world. As ever, the animation is basic but bright, and the main storyline light but with occasional dark tinges. Younger Pokémaniacs may get a little lost in the complexities, but that doesn't really matter as they'll probably be playing spot-the-Pokémon anyway. As ever, accompanying grown-ups should either take a good book or, better still, avoid the film completely by bribing another adult to go along instead.

Cast & Crew

Ash Ketchum / Mrs Delia Ketchum Veronica Taylor
Brock / James Eric Stuart
Misty / Jessie Rachael Lillis
Director Michael Haigney
Director Kunihiko Yuyama

Other Information

Language: Japanese dubbedColourTheatrical distributor: Warner BrosAvailable on: video and DVDReleased on: 13 Jul 2001