3 Ninjas

3 Ninjas

Jon Turteltaub (1992)

PG Certificate


Our Score
This was the first in a series of four films featuring Victor Wong's high-kicking grandchildren and youngsters will probably revel in the pre-teen chop-socky adventure. As anyone who's seen Home Alone knows, the last thing villains should do is take on resourceful kids, especially when their dad is an FBI agent and grandpa is a martial arts master. But that's what the henchmen of an evil arms dealer do here - so they really were asking for trouble. It's just a pity that the three martial arts kids are so charmless.


A sinister arms dealer kidnaps an FBI agent's three sons, little suspecting they are all martial arts experts perfectly capable of looking after themselves. Comedy adventure, starring Michael Treanor, Max Elliott Slade, Chad Power and Victor Wong.

Cast & Crew

Grandpa Victor Wong (2)
Rocky Michael Treanor
Colt Max Elliott Slade
Tum Tum Chad Power
Snyder Rand Kingsley
Sam Douglas Alan McRae
Jessica Douglas Margarita Franco
Emily Kate Sargeant
Director Jon Turteltaub
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Buena Vista International UKAvailable on: video
Comedy Children's Drama