Last Breath

Last Breath

Richard da Costa (2019)

12A Certificate


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This extraordinary film is about the murky world of North Sea diving. It tells the story of a life-or-death incident in 2012 when a diver became trapped on the sea floor after the ship he was tethered to (via a long umbilical cord and a diving bell) began to drift in heavy seas. It's essentially Gravity but 100m down in the icy North Sea, and as horribly tense as that suggests. There's a fascinating opening section, when we learn about the working conditions of saturation divers, who must spend weeks in small, highly pressurised (in every sense) compartments on the dive ship. But when a computer malfunctions and disaster strikes, it's terrifying.


The true story of commercial diver Chris Lemons, who was stranded on the bottom of the North Sea with five minutes of oxygen, but no chance of rescue for more than 30 minutes. The original participants deliver emotional first-hand accounts of an incident which has re-shaped their lives.

Cast & Crew

Director Richard da Costa
Director Alex Parkinson

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Language: EnglishColour