Stranger with My Face

Stranger with My Face

Jeff Renfroe (2009)

PG Certificate
Friday 11:10am - 1pm 5SELECT


Our Score
Adopted teen Alexz Johnson (Final Destination 3) uncovers dark and dangerous secrets following her dad's unexpected death in this far-fetched and badly executed supernatural chiller. A loose adaptation of Lois Duncan's popular novel, the TV movie falls over itself to be spooky, becoming dafter in the process. Doppelgangers, astral projection and trapped souls are just part of the chuck-everything-in mumbo-jumbo; keeping the narrative intriguing, admittedly, but being too unconvincingly handled to have much impact. Consequently, director Jeff Renfroe relies excessively on the soundtrack and shadowy visuals to pepper the early scenes with fake jolts, and manufacture an overall atmosphere of unease. The only note of realism comes from Johnson's emotionally subtle double performance, which holds the feature together, even in the weak final act.


A teenage girl learns her adoptive parents have been keeping secrets from her - including the fact that she has an identical twin somewhere. The family members, already reeling from a recent death, are pushed even farther apart by the shocking revelations that follow. Mystery, starring Catherine Hicks and Alexz Johnson.

Cast & Crew

Shelley Stratton Catherine Hicks
Laurie Stratton/Lia Abbot Alexz Johnson
Gordon Lambert Beau Mirchoff
Nat Colson Luisa D'Oliveira
Alexis Stratton Emily Hirst
Jeff Rankin Andrew Francis
Darlene Nhi Do
Henry Christopher Gaze
Director Jeff Renfroe
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Language: EnglishColour