No Sex Please - We're British

No Sex Please - We're British

Cliff Owen (1973)

PG Certificate


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One of the West End's longest-ever running comic farces arrived on the screen virtually intact, but with a significantly different leading man. Whereas Michael Crawford had consolidated both career and image by instigating the gawky, inadvertent gauche lead on stage, in the film the role went to the diminutive British comedian Ronnie Corbett, changing the nature of the part to fit a precreated comic persona. Corbett does well by the hackneyed plot, and underrated director Cliff Owen (The Wrong Arm of the Law, Ooh You Are Awful...) keeps up the pace. Interest today resides in watching a wonderfully Technicolored 1970s London, and sterling support from the likes of Arthur Lowe and the wonderful Beryl Reid.


A man supplying stock for a porn shop mistakenly sends a steady stream of films and photos to a nearby bank. Hapless employees Brian and David try to dispose of the incriminating material before it is found by the puritanical manager, the police or David's mother. Comedy based on the stage play, starring Ronnie Corbett, Arthur Lowe, Beryl Reid and Ian Ogilvy.

Cast & Crew

Brian Runnicles Ronnie Corbett
David Hunter Ian Ogilvy
Mr Bromley Arthur Lowe
Bertha Hunter Beryl Reid
Penny Hunter Susan Penhaligon
Mr Needham Michael Bates
Daphne Cheryl Hall
Insp Paul David Swift
Director Cliff Owen
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Columbia-Warner DistsAvailable on: video and DVD