Remember My Name

Remember My Name

Alan Rudolph (1978)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Written and directed by Alan Rudolph and produced by his mentor Robert Altman, this is a film full of fine moments, but, because of Rudolph's tendency to over-complicate, those moments ultimately add up to an unsatisfying whole. Returning from prison to make life hell for ex-husband Anthony Perkins, Geraldine Chaplin gives a scorching performance reminiscent of Joan Crawford and Barbara Stanwyck in their heyday. But even she gets bogged down in the subplots involving shopkeeper Jeff Goldblum and landlord Moses Gunn. You'll need to keep your wits about you because, once you lose the thread, it's virtually impossible to catch up.


A woman recently released from prison takes revenge on her ex-husband - the man responsible for the crime which landed her in jail. Satirical drama, starring Geraldine Chaplin, Anthony Perkins and Jeff Goldblum.

Cast & Crew

Actor Geraldine Chaplin
Actor Anthony Perkins
Actor Moses Gunn
Actor Jeff Goldblum
Actor Berry Berenson
Director Alan Rudolph
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Columbia-Emi-Warner Dists LtdGuidance: Contains swearing.