Town without Pity

Town without Pity

Gottfried Reinhardt (1961)

X Certificate


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Kirk Douglas has often been drawn to roles in which he can express self-disgust. Here he stars as an army officer defending four American servicemen on a charge of raping a young girl in Germany (played by Christine Kaufmann). As the case progresses, Douglas reluctantly sullies the girl's reputation to save the men from a death sentence. Filmed in Germany, this Hollywood-Munich co-production comes across as crude and loud. It seems to revel in its sensational aspects, and is accompanied by a horrendous title pop song and intrusive score.


A US army major stationed in a German village defends four soldiers accused of raping a local girl. Finding the villagers are set on having the men killed, he realises he may have to cruelly destroy the girl's credibility to avoid vigilante violence. Courtroom drama, starring Kirk Douglas and Christine Kaufmann.

Cast & Crew

Maj Steve Garrett Kirk Douglas
Maj Jerome Pakenham E G Marshall
Karin Steinhof Christine Kaufmann
Jim Robert Blake
Bidie Richard Jaeckel
Chuck Frank Sutton
Joey Mal Sondock
Inge Koerner Barbara Rutting
Herr Steinhof Hans Nielsen
Director Gottfried Reinhardt
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: United Artists Corp. LtdAvailable on: video