The Mountain Men

The Mountain Men

Richard Lang (1980)

15 Certificate


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Charlton Heston and Brian Keith play fur trappers hounded by Native Americans in the 1830s in this Disney-style wilderness adventure, albeit with considerably more violence. The script is by Heston's son, Fraser, who apparently lived with Alaskan Indians as a "part-time 20th-century mountain man". Yet the story also chimes with Heston's public political posturings on the freedom of the individual and the right to bear arms (and chest). Nice scenery, but Richard Lang's western is not a patch on Jeremiah Johnson.


Two fur trappers go in search of a valley rumoured to be home to vast numbers of beavers. Along the way they meet a Blackfoot woman running away from her abusive husband, and offer to protect her, but they face a battle against the force of warriors sent to recapture her. Western, starring Charlton Heston and Brian Keith.

Cast & Crew

Bill Tyler Charlton Heston
Henry Frapp Brian Keith
Running Moon Victoria Racimo
Heavy Eagle Stephen Macht
La Bont Seymour Cassel
Medicine Wolf David Ackroyd
Cross Otter Cal Bellini
Nathan Wyeth John Glover
Director Richard Lang
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Columbia-Emi-Warner Dists LtdAvailable on: video