It's a Gift

It's a Gift

Norman Z McLeod (1934)

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Shades of Bacchus! It's the inimitable WC Fields in his most perfectly formed movie. Brilliantly conceived (by Fields himself, alias Charles Bogle), and beautifully structured (by director Norman Z McLeod), this is a milestone in screen comedy, and an emphatic must-see if you've decided you don't care for Fields or have never seen him before. The lengthy two-reel sequence on the porch is one of the funniest sustained sketches in sound cinema, and the store scene with Charles Sellon as blind Mr Muckle has to be seen to be believed. Kumquats will never be the same again. And as for Baby Dunk, not to mention Carl LaFong... Just don't miss it!


A shopkeeper who struggles to keep his social climbing wife happy comes into an inheritance, and spends it on an orange grove in California. He soon finds his new acquisition consists of one withered tree, and that making a profit from it may be harder than it looks. Comedy, starring WC Fields and Kathleen Howard.

Cast & Crew

Harold Bissonette WC Fields
Amelia Bissonette Kathleen Howard
Mildred Bissonette Jean Rouverol
John Durston Julian Madison
Norman Bissonette Tommy Bupp
Everett Ricks Tammany Young
James Fitchmueller Morgan Wallace
Mr Muckle Charles Sellon
Director Norman Z McLeod
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Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: DVD