Excessive Force II: Force on Force

Excessive Force II: Force on Force

Jonathan Winfrey (1995)

18 Certificate


Our Score
The first Excessive Force was an admirable showcase for the talents of moody action man Thomas Ian Griffith. This is a sequel in name only, with a plot bearing no resemblance to the first. Stacie Randall takes the lead role of a military investigator on the trail of her former colleagues, who have gone into the freelance assassination business. The fight sequences are passable, but the film is anonymously played and directed.


A special forces agent-turned-private eye is shot in the head by her former lover when she refuses to join his team of assassins. Surviving the attack with a bullet fragment lodged in her brain, she sets out to bring him down before he can murder a Mafia informant. Action thriller, starring Stacie Randall and Dan Gauthier.

Cast & Crew

Harly Cordell Stacie Randall
Francis Lydell Dan Gauthier
Det Wayne O'Conner Jay Patterson
Capt John Buchanan Henry Brown
Agent Thomas Harris John Sanderford
Bobby Tucci Michael Wiseman
Yates Bradford Tatum
Martinez David Hugghins
Director Jonathan Winfrey
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video