Simon Wincer (1985)

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Although highly derivative of ET, WarGames and others, this science-fiction drama is still a charming, lightweight diversion. The lives of a Florida couple (Mary Beth Hurt and Michael McKean) are transformed when they take in a young boy suffering from what they initially believe to be amnesia. Then they learn that his name, Daryl, actually stands for Data Analysing Robot Youth Lifeform, which explains his exceptional intelligence and sporting prowess. The real drama unfolds when Pentagon intelligence agents attempt to terminate Daryl because his computer brain has become clouded by human emotions. The plot's formulaic, but this warm-hearted film from director Simon Wincer (Free Willy) is nicely written and well acted, with Barret Oliver particularly impressive as the top-secret cyborg.


A childless couple from Florida adopt a small boy who displays a high level of intelligence and amazing sporting abilities. They discover their new son is actually a sophisticated robot developed by the Pentagon, and it seems his creators want him terminated. Sci-fi drama, with Mary Beth Hurt, Barret Oliver, Michael McKean, Kathryn Walker and Ron Frazier.

Cast & Crew

Joyce Richardson Mary Beth Hurt
Andy Richardson Michael McKean
Daryl Barret Oliver
Elaine Fox Colleen Camp
Ellen Lamb Kathryn Walker
Dr Jeffrey Stewart Josef Sommer
General Graycliffe Ron Frazier
Howie Fox Steve Ryan
Turtle Fox Danny Corkill
Mr Nesbitt David Wohl
Director Simon Wincer
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for violence and swearing.Available on: video and DVD