La Grande Bouffe

La Grande Bouffe

Marco Ferreri (1973)



Our Score
Marco Ferreri's satire is like Buñuel's The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie in reverse: where Buñuel's characters never quite get to their waiting feast, Ferreri's gather in a villa and gorge themselves on food, wine and women. This is not a picture for bulimics or the obese; nor is it as subversively funny as it might have been. Nevertheless, there are some great scenes - notably the moment when the ample buttocks of Andréa Ferréol are used to mould a vast slab of mousse de foie gras - and Philippe Noiret, Michel Piccoli and Ugo Tognazzi seem to be relishing every mouthful. The film was rejected for certification back in 1973 but is going to be released in its full unexpurgated glory in 2015.

Cast & Crew

Pilot Marcello Mastroianni
Chef Ugo Tognazzi
TV producer Michel Piccoli
Judge Philippe Noiret
Teacher Andréa Ferréol
Madeleine Monique Chaumette
Anne Florence Giorgetti
Anulka Rita Scherrer
Director Marco Ferreri
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Other Information

Language: French +subtitlesColourGuidance: Contains swearing, sex scenes and nudity. Available on: video and DVDReleased on: 3 Jul 2015