It's a Grand Life

It's a Grand Life

John E Blakeley (1953)

U Certificate


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Vulgar Lancashire music-hall star Frank Randle - a household name throughout Britain at the time thanks to his weekly strip in the well-loved Film Fun comic - had an appeal north of Watford that seldom stretched southwards, let alone abroad, and his brand of parochial humour was looking dated by the time he made this quaint and cheap army caper. If you've never seen him, give this a chance you might find he'll tickle your fancy. But if you have an aversion to music-hall stars on celluloid, give up, for Randle has neither the wit of George Formby nor the warmth of Gracie Fields, and by the time this movie was made he was looking tired and rather grubby. Still, the object of his fancy here is a young Diana Dors, and keen 1950s aficionados might enjoy catching a rare glimpse of pianist Winifred Atwell.


Northern comedy legend Frank Randle stars as an army private who must keep the delectable young Miss Diana Dors out of the clutches of his lusty and lecherous sergeant major! Needless to say, this is not going to be easy or without laughs! Jack Pye and piano player Winifred Atwell co-star in this 1953 comedy favourite!

Cast & Crew

Private Randle Frank Randle
Corporal Paula Clements Diana Dors
Private Young Dan Young
Sergeant Major O'Reilly Michael Brennan
Private Desmond Jennifer Jayne
Director John E Blakeley
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Film Studios - Manchester