Crooks in Cloisters

Crooks in Cloisters

Jeremy Summers (1963)

U Certificate


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Anything but a pseudo-Carry On, this cosy comedy is much more a product of the post-Ealing school and a close relation of bungled crime capers such as Too Many Crooks. The emphasis is firmly on character as Ronald Fraser and his gang lie low in a monastery to throw the cops off their trail. (Do you think the writers of Nuns on the Run and Sister Act might have seen this?) Bernard Cribbins is in fine fettle as one of Fraser's gormless colleagues and Barbara Windsor (rejoicing under the name "Brother Bikini") is funnier here than the Carry Ons ever allowed her to be.


Six train robbers hide from the law in a deserted monastery off the Cornish coast, where disguising themselves as monks proves the perfect way of lying low while carrying on with various criminal activities. But the crooks have a hard task keeping up the pretence when two real monks visit the island - especially since one of the gang is a woman. Comedy, with Ronald Fraser, Barbara Windsor, Bernard Cribbins, Wilfrid Brambell and Davy Kaye.

Cast & Crew

Walt Ronald Fraser
Bikini Barbara Windsor
Phineas Wilfrid Brambell
June Francesca Annis
Squirts Bernard Cribbins
Lorenzo Gregoire Aslan
Specs Davy Kaye
Father Septimus Joseph O'Connor
Brother Lucius Corin Redgrave
Director Jeremy Summers
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Warner Pathe LtdAvailable on: video and DVD
Comedy Drama