The Fits

The Fits

Anna Rose Holmer (2015)

12 Certificate


Our Score
In this very unusual drama, a young tomboy joins a competitive dance team to make friends, just as an unexplained sickness starts to spread across her school. At barely over an hour, this is a brief but truly unique film from director Anna Rose Holmer. In a story set almost entirely within the school walls, with no adults in focus, the young cast members interact with each other in a way that feels totally natural. There are no big speeches needed here, with the silence sucking the viewer in as things develop. Indeed, Holmer finds beauty in the little details, from complex dance moves to a simple stare. This is twinned with a brilliant performance from 11-year-old lead Royalty Hightower as Toni, observing the world with a quiet intensity that makes her fascinating to watch. The Fits may not always make its point very clear, but it's exactly that opaque sensibility that makes the drama so intriguing.


An 11-year-old tomboy becomes entranced with a tight-knit dance team in Cincinnati's West End. Enamoured by the power and confidence of this strong community of girls, she eagerly absorbs routines, masters drills and even pierces her own ears to fit in. A mysterious outbreak of fainting spells plagues the team, and Toni finds herself caught up in danger as her desire for acceptance is twisted. Teen drama, starring Royalty Hightower and Alexis Neblett.

Cast & Crew

Toni Royalty Hightower
Beezy Alexis Neblett
Jermaine Da'Sean Minor
Maia Lauren Gibson
Legs Makyla Burnam
Karisma Inayah Rodgers
Donte Antonio AB Grant Jr
Madison Shonte Jackson
Diamond Mangel Moore
April Kaliyah Johnson
Kira Kaniyah Mack
Director Anna Rose Holmer
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: LionsgateGuidance: Some swearingReleased on: 24 Feb 2017