Active Measures

Active Measures

Jack Bryan (2018)



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Directed by Jack Bryan, this investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential election may not produce a smoking gun. But it's hard to avoid the reek of cordite, as contributors including Hillary Clinton and John McCain pass damning judgements on Donald Trump's association with Vladimir Putin. In truth, they would, wouldn't they? However, there's a persuasive heft to the sheer volume of evidence produced by contributors from the worlds of politics, diplomacy, security, journalism and academia. Opening with a brief recapitulation of Putin's background, agenda and alignment with various oligarchs and gangsters, Bryan and co-writer Marley Clements switch focus cogently from Russian interference in Georgia and Ukraine to the use of shell companies to bolster Trump's failing fortune after the Taj Mahal fiasco in Atlantic City and line him up to be a future contender for the Oval Office. With a heavy reliance on the dossier by former MI6 agent Christopher Steele, a clutch of accusations feel insufficiently proven. But the overall depth of information and insight is impressive and consistently compelling.

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Donald Trump Donald Trump
Vladimir Putin Vladimir Putin
Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton
John McCain John McCain
Director Jack Bryan

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