The Big Noise

The Big Noise

Malcolm St Clair (1944)

U Certificate


Our Score
...but only a faint cackle to greet the comic genius of Laurel and Hardy. The duo are on the skids in this incompetently staged story of two dumb-luck detectives, hired to guard an inventor's new bomb - the titular "Big Noise". The biggest laughs come from the performance of Jack Norton, whose "drunk" routine has its moments. The rest, though, has scarcely any.


Two phoney private detectives are employed to protect an inventor who has developed a revolutionary new bomb. Second World War comedy, starring Laurel and Hardy.

Cast & Crew

Stan Stan Laurel
Ollie Oliver Hardy
Evelyn Doris Merrick
Director Malcolm St Clair

Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: 20th Century Fox Film Co. Ltd