Bunch of Kunst

Bunch of Kunst

Christine Franz (2017)

18 Certificate


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Iggy Pop describes Sleaford Mods as "the world's greatest rock 'n' roll band" - high praise indeed for a band comprised of two middle-aged men playing a laptop perched on a beer crate. This access-all-areas documentary charts the rise of the self-described "spit-and-sawdust aggro act", picking up their story as the buzz begins to build off the back of their 2015 album Key Markets. Their abrasive style might be an acquired taste, but the foul-mouthed and funny state-of-the-nation rants that gobby frontman Jason Williamson spits out over Andrew Fearn's skeletal beats certainly hits a nerve, with one fan comparing them to the Sex Pistols in their prime. At odds with his tic-inflected, expletive-ridden stage act, the 40-something Williamson comes across as a personable family man, and it's gratifying that the success he and Fearn achieve through sheer hard graft doesn't go to their heads. There are no clichéd rock-star high jinks or drink 'n' drugs derailments here, just a dedication to getting the job done, the duo helped at every step of the way by their manager and one-man record company Steve Underwood. Just like the Sleafords themselves, Christine Franz's film is unpretentious and unfiltered, and it brilliantly captures the momentum and excitement of a band as they make their breakthrough.


A profile of the Nottingham electronic punk music duo, following Jason Williamson, Andrew Fearn and their manager Steve Underwood as they rise from obscurity to chart success.

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Director Christine Franz

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Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Munro Film ServicesGuidance: Swearing.Released on: 21 Apr 2017