Conspiracy in Teheran

Conspiracy in Teheran

William Freshman (1947)

U Certificate


Our Score
The story of this shambolic British thriller is encapsulated in its American title, The Plot to Kill Roosevelt. It is 1943 and plans are afoot for the Allied invasion of Europe. Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt meet in the Iranian capital to agree strategy, but not everyone present is keen for the conference to succeed and journalist Derek Farr discovers a conspiracy in the nick of time. Farr is as bland as ever and takes an age to put together pieces larger than a three-year-old's jigsaw puzzle, and Marta Labarr is sadly quite dreadful as his ballerina accomplice.

Cast & Crew

Pemberton Grant Derek Farr
Natalie Trubetzin Marta Labarr
Paul Sherek Manning Whiley
Major Sobieski John Slater
Major McIntyre John Warwick
Hali Pamela Stirling
Major Wellman MacDonald Parke
Caretaker Sebastian Cabot
Schrob Enrico Glori
Razed Philip Ridgeway Jr
Director William Freshman
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and white