The Blackboard Jungle

The Blackboard Jungle

Richard Brooks (1955)

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Following on the heels of James Dean's Rebel without a Cause, this teenage angst picture has Glenn Ford as the gauche schoolteacher who wonders why his class beat him up and "don't wanna loin nuthin". Anne Francis offered him a shoulder to cry on, while American parents everywhere sobbed in sympathy. Filmed in sombre black-and-white (as against Rebel's colour and Scope), director Richard Brooks's film rams home its message without much subtlety. It has a footnote in history, though, for introducing rock music to mainstream cinema, courtesy of Bill Haley's Rock around the Clock, which is played over the credit titles. When south London teddy boys heard that, they trashed the cinemas.


Classic melodrama, famed as the first film to feature rock 'n' roll music, starring Glenn Ford as an idealistic teacher fighting against complacent staff and hostile pupils at a tough New York school. With Anne Francis, Louis Calhern and Sidney Poitier.

Cast & Crew

Richard Dadier Glenn Ford
Anne Dadier Anne Francis
Jim Murdock Louis Calhern
Lois Judby Hammond Margaret Hayes
Mr Warneke John Hoyt
Joshua Y Edwards Richard Kiley
Mr Halloran Emile Meyer
Dr Bradley Warner Anderson
Professor A R Kraal Basil Ruysdael
Gregory W Miller Sidney Poitier
Artie West Vic Morrow
Emmanuel Stoker Paul Mazursky
Director Richard Brooks
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteGuidance: Contains some violence.Available on: video