Miracle on the Mountain

Miracle on the Mountain

Michael Switzer (2000)

PG Certificate


Our Score
Why has no one thought of pairing William Devane and Patty Duke before? She's eminently suited to playing mother and he's made a career out of being as unsympathetic as possible, but they deserve something more worthwhile than this routine, made-for-TV outdoor adventure. Devane plays the boorish businessman who pilots a private plane into a gathering snowstorm and then makes light of his injuries to boss his family around as they seek to escape the isolated crash site. Director Michael Switzer makes the most of the scenery and stages an impressive avalanche, but the domestic duelling rapidly becomes wearisome.


A family plan a weekend break in the mountains, but their plane crashes miles from civilisation, forcing them to learn new skills in an effort to survive in the wilderness. Drama, starring Patty Duke, William Devane, Natasha Melnick and Elisabeth Rosen. Includes Sony Movie News at 3.35pm.

Cast & Crew

Anne Kincaid Patty Duke
Tom Kincaid William Devane
Carla Elisabeth Rosen
Rick Kaj-Erik Eriksen
Susan Natasha Melnick
Charlie Sanchez Armando Valdes-Kennedy
Director Michael Switzer
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video