Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider

Mark Steven Johnson (2007)

12A Certificate
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By day Johnny Blaze (Nicolas Cage) is a daredevil motorcyclist, by night he's Ghost Rider, a demonic skeletal biker working for Satan. This long-delayed, big-budget adaptation of Marvel Comics' most ambivalent superhero proves that some tortured comic-book characters work better on the page than the big screen. Cage gives an enjoyably idiosyncratic performance as Blaze, but he's shamefully let down by his silly-looking alter ego, a grinning skeleton topped with unconvincing CGI flames. Incredibly, writer/director Mark Steven Johnson (Daredevil) manages to make even the action sequences anticlimactic, and props up the tedious plot with a token love interest in the shapely form of Eva Mendes's TV reporter. Easy Rider star Peter Fonda appears as Mephistopheles, a rare moment of wit in an otherwise charmless production that - unlike its hero - never once catches fire.


Motorcycle stuntman Johnny Blaze sells his soul to diabolical Mephistopheles to save the life of his father. His bargain dooms him to pass each night as Ghost Rider, a demonic skeletal biker bound to take evil souls to Hell. However, conflict between Mephistopheles and his son offers Johnny the chance to win back his humanity. Fantasy thriller based on the comic-book, starring Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes and Wes Bentley.

Cast & Crew

Johnny Blaze / Ghost Rider Nicolas Cage
Roxanne Simpson Eva Mendes
Mephistopheles Peter Fonda
Blackheart Wes Bentley
Caretaker Sam Elliott
Mack Donal Logue
Young Johnny Blaze Matt Long
Young Roxanne Raquel Alessi
Officer Edwards Arthur Angel
Wallow Daniel Frederiksen
Director Mark Steven Johnson
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Columbia TriStarGuidance: Edited for violence and language.Available on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 2 Mar 2007