Today You Die

Today You Die

Don E FauntLeRoy (2005)

18 Certificate


Our Score
One final job predictably leads to betrayal and revenge for Steven Seagal's retiring criminal in this tired action drama. Breaking out of prison with a well-connected gangsta (rapper Anthony "Treach" Criss), the modern-day Robin Hood attempts to wreak violent havoc on his double-crossing associates. Unfortunately, all the requisite gunplay and explosions that follow can't mask the clichéd plot and comically bad performances. Criss may overact but his turn almost outshines lethargic Seagal, whose mumbling doesn't help the frequently ridiculous dialogue. Unimaginative direction and an overwrought soundtrack compound the film's weaknesses, though compared with Seagal's other recent direct-to-video outings this is still a definite improvement.


A thief is left to take the blame for a botched armoured car robbery and put in jail - but manages to escape with the help of a fellow inmate with underworld connections and sets out to exact revenge on the partners who double-crossed him. Action thriller, starring Steven Seagal, Anthony `Treach' Criss, Mari Morrow and Sarah Buxton.

Cast & Crew

Harlan Banks Steven Seagal
Ice Kool Anthony `Treach' Criss
Jada Mari Morrow
Agent Saunders Nick Mancuso
Rachel Sarah Buxton
Bruno Robert Miano
Max Kevin Tighe
Vincent Jamie McShane
Garret Lawrence Turner
Director Don E FauntLeRoy
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for violence and language.Available on: DVD