April Love

April Love

Henry Levin (1957)

U Certificate


Our Score
Harmless some would say toothless remake of Home in Indiana, one of a seemingly endless stream of 20th Century-Fox films featuring horses. This musical romance is dressed up as a star vehicle for 1950s teen heart-throb Pat Boone, once considered a serious threat to Elvis Presley. The controversy at the time was that clean-livin' Boone wouldn't take part in love scenes, and, true to form, the moment when he actually plants a peck on co-star Shirley Jones doesn't exactly raise the temperature. However, Boone and Jones make a very likeable pair, the CinemaScope photography is attractive and the overall impression mighty pleasant, though can you imagine presenting this as a teen flick today? The title song, a massive hit for Boone at the time, still has a lovely lilting resonance.


A juvenile delinquent takes an interest in a farmer's daughter with a fast car - unaware her younger sister is falling for him. Romantic musical, with Pat Boone and Shirley Jones.

Cast & Crew

Nick Conover Pat Boone
Liz Templeton Shirley Jones
Fran Templeton Dolores Michaels
Director Henry Levin

Other Information

Language: EnglishColour
Drama Music